Magnificent Maleficent- an ode to Jolie

She is not fairy, she is faerie. She is horned Gothic, she is red lipped. Her ears are not winged, her cheekbones are. She may have lost her pout, but nobody can do exotic like she can. Besides maybe E.T.

And would somebody please find her a man who can be some kind of a patch on her onscreen. Sharlto Copley’s accent is nice, but he still doesn’t match up to madam.

The storyline had me riveted. Not because of the plot, but the treatment of an old story as epic as Sleeping Beauty. Every re-telling is a play on curiosity. Will it be symbolised, deconstructed, contemporarised, rehashed, what?

All of this was expected. All this is blasé. What was unexpected was the cutting edge craft used in the film.
Pure classical storytelling, it captured the inexplicable essence of a fairy tale. Wonder.

From the edgy neuroses of Girl, interrupted to tormented maternity, one thing is clear. Jolie has mothered her acting skills to a fine art.

But like a mother she is guilty of indulgence. She is partial to creativity, not her audience. The film has too much heart.

She will probably get mixed reviews.

But heck, I’m a believer. And a mother. We get to be indulgent, and a little blind. It’s a fringe benefit.