Xpose. A murder Most Musical

Are you kidding me? Is this a movie or a C.V?

Himesh Reshammiya in action, Himesh Reshammiya as matinee idol, Himesh Reshammiya as police officer, Himesh Reshammiya as hero. Is there anything we missed out here? O yes, Reshammiya the singer, and since every twist in the plot is punctuated by his nasal twang, there is no respite. Then there is Reshammiya the lawyer, the private investigator, ad infinitum.

Himesh Reshammiya has two arm candies, one presumably for each arm. The set design seems a clear lift- off of the party scene in the Great Gatsby. But the imitation is poor. Even the fat lady with pink plumes looks tacky. As if her ostrich feathers would fall off any moment. A waxed hairdo and a green Pontiac does not a period film make. Extras keep traipsing in and out of scenes in annoyingly contemporary clothes and the plot is just like Himesh Reshammiya.

Overdone, all over the place and insipid.


Fading Gigolo- a movie review

Such a – pretty film. One of life’s little pleasures to be able to see a movie like this on a Sunday afternoon. Revelations that steal up on you in its own sweet way, is  the treat. Why is prostitution called the oldest profession in the world? Because sex can be, and oftentimes is a service that can be evaluated. And rated according to age, skill and aesthetics. But when love is involved rules of commerce break down, as it should.

What I took away from  the film was Woody Allen making me actually laugh for the first time. And then I noticed he had never made me laugh before. He is the wittiest cleverest satirist ever, but I can just imagine Woody Allen shrugging his shoulders and saying ” that doesn’t mean I’m supposed to make you laugh. Laughter is for plebeians.” Well, I can’t say Woody is looking funny because twenty years old or sixty Woody looks the same, talks the same, walks the same. But his non stop chatter playing baseball with the boys in the park cracked me up. It was real.

The other moment was when a mother of six and married for 18 years breaks down on the massage table because ‘ she had been touched for the first time.’

Only Sharon Stone is, simply, a bitter disappointment. How can a woman of her calibre and charisma be scared of ageing? She shows herself piecemeal, like a burqa clad Taliban woman. First we get to see a long shot of her muscled back. Then a quick shot of how cellulite free her long legs are. And then a few airbrushed close ups of her face in lowlight. Moreover she is completely miscast as the whimpering novice. Sharon Stone is incapable of playing any character other than a self- assured, damaged, blond maniac. And now obviously, too old for a script change.

As for Turturro as writer, director and actor Turturro’s presence, like his character in the film, lingers on. You can call it the Turturro Effect.




Hawa Hawai- Rules of Endearment

You can make out Satyajit Ray has left a deep impression on Amole Gupte. There is also a pattern showing up in his films. Weak father, strong mother and an innate search for humanity in his characters. This last quality, of a certain guilelessness shows up in the age of his young actors. It is not a coincidence, that they are all children. This is the essence of what draws his audience and why they keep coming back to watch his films. In that sense Hawa Hawai meets the expectations of ‘ rules of endearment’.

Manjunath- A movie review

An honest voice. A brave and good film. Not necessarily great filmmaking but original. Deeply experimental of the cinema verite format. I was impressed that the protagonist actually looked like Shanmugun and not -Amir Khan. Unfortunately he could not act like Amir Khan either. But Seema Biswas can! And could! And always will.

There were moments that strike a deep chord, like Parikrama’s music. The simple poignancy of a father’s loss. The guilt of friends who didn’t take his last call. The loneliness of the unbeaten path, the solitary battle. Is the sacrifice worth it? Is anybody listening?

I hope they are, for the sake of Manjunath. One ends up wishing the film well.

May your tribe increase.