Movies this week

The Conjuring

Was a smart film because it did not aim to spook you out and was based on a true story. So it successfully manages to spook you. Especially when it is period ( yes 70s is officially period), how can you doubt history? So this time the doll and the rocking hair did get a cringe out of me. But the baby girl ghosts with long uncombed hair? Ho hum.

The Ship of Theseus

Earns my distinction as one of the few conceptually brilliant films I have seen in a while and also the worst edited. Never seen so many jump cuts in a film. Criminal. But it ties up beautifully in the end, like a perfect bow in a return gift.

B.A. Pass

Is not about Alia Bhatt singing about her jawaani in a frilly number. It’s about Indian cinema noir coming to town. So please don’t take your kids to see this one!  While the film is suitably dark and disturbing my contention  is why does all the angst unfold in Paharganj! Surely the aunties of Patparganj are also suitably dark and twisty. And Pammi is getting a really bad name.

Badly lit pan stained corridors, Deepti Naval and a name like Theseus, what else does one need for the Cannes?

Be that as it may it’s exciting to see a slew of new filmmakers telling new stories. Thank god for good films that money can’t buy.

But sometimes I wonder is the only option to Deepti Naval Karan Johar?

After the squalor and male prostitution and kidney racket what? How different are these perceptions from the West? The voices I hear are new but are they original?

I’ll find out next week- at the movies!