Yoga Myths

1. The purpose of yoga is to control the body.


2. The purpose of Yoga is to control the mind.


3 The purpose of yoga is to control your emotions??


4. The purpose of yoga is to control your life!??!


The purpose of yoga is to attain self-realization.

5. Self-realization is dull, boring and a state of extreme deprivation. Its only advantage is the ability to walk on water.

Self-realization is a state that allows unlimited access to power, knowledge and freedom. A state where walking on water is dull, boring and unnecessary.

6. Progress in yoga practice is linear.


7. Progress in yoga is circular (the Chinese said so!).

Nope. Progress in yoga is spiral. It moves in a circle and comes up by a notch above its previous level. It is circular and linear.That’s what the Chinese meant.

8.Yoga is designed to stretch the body.

Nope. Yoga is designed to stretch the spine.

9. Yoga is about breathing.

Nope. Yoga is about becoming aware of the breath till you become awareness.

Example, in the beginning of your practice Suryanamaskar is a cardio-vascular workout. You know you have progressed when your cardio-vascular workout becomes pranayama.

And the Oscar goes to…

That history is written by the conquerors was pretty evident in this year’s Oscars. Proven more so by Michelle Obama’s presence at the ceremony.

There are no issues with Argo. Ben Affleck looks so good he’d be forgiven political murder.

There are no issues with Lincoln. It was an actor’s movie and we know that Daniel Dey Lewis is incapable of not getting an Oscar.

That the highly operatic Les Miserables made it to the Oscars was a pleasant surprise, but no issues there either.

It was the nominations of Zero Dark Thirty that betrayed the age old truth of how history is written. The Erin Brokovitch type alpha female who hunts down the world’s most wanted terrorist is not an essentially bad story to tell, but would it’s storytellers have been able to tell the same story if the terrorist was an American, and the alpha female a hijab wearing jidahist?

‘Pesh’ for Peshawar, Rawalpindi pronounced ‘Rwaalpindi’,and fancy names for a military operation to put out sitting targets of women, children and an old man spoke the language of a cultural imposer. This cannot be a story of soul stirring heroism, unless you are American.

Zero Dark Thirty’s presence at the Oscars was sad evidence of the glorification of immature scribes by an immature society.

The only sign of bravery at the Oscars was the death defying feats against wrinkles and gravity displayed by the women on the red carpet. And this time a lot of aging actors showed up with gray hair, undyed, nude in all its glory. My, what courage!