Every movement, physical or metaphysical must operate on the laws of physics.

Action and reaction is called duality in metaphysics- any construct capable of polarity is subject to this law. Heat, cold, success, failure, pain, pleasure.

Gravity is called fate-  any force more than your capacity to resist it. Earth’s magnetic pull is equivalent to metaphysical linearity of time.

And friction is know as emotion. The glue that keeps the stuff in place.

When the speed of the taxing plane creates enough propelling force against gravity (fate), against reaction(karma) and against friction (emotion), there is enough energy to lift off and the plane becomes airborne.

In some cultures the plane taxing the runway is called yoga, and lift-off is called spiritual advancement.

So next time you feel on top of the world, you probably actually are!


10 thoughts on “The metaphysics of a plane ride

  1. Madam which metaphysical plane your husband was flying with his lady friend at peter cat last week? Gravity or friction

    Sangram Mohanty – +639177114513 philipines no.
    sunita mohanty and your hubsnad in calcutta at peter cat and delhi/gurgaon for 2 weeks until sep 7.

  3. gravity, emotion and friction – when the three combine i’ll get to be on top of the world. somehow the karma is the dharma, and whether or not i like it, i feel down many times in an uncontrollable sort of way.

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