Einstein’s Special Relativity and Zeno’s Paradox

Einstein’s Special Relativity theory successfully and permanently changed the way a physicist views the world.

Very simply it says that the speed of light remains constant.

It says that if we chased a beam of light with the most advanced rocket launcher ever, the beam of light would still speed away from us at the speed of light. Now that’s what you call a huge waste of the Defence Budget.

You aint gonna catch that beam of light.

Very much like Zeno’s Paradox. Zeno could never cover the distance between point A and Point B because however much he might run there was 1/2 left, then 1/2 of that left, and then 1/2 of that till we approach the limits of infinity that keep taking us away from the original goal. Which was Zeno’s point B. Or the physicist’s beam of light.

A lot like money isn’t it? The more you chase it the more it runs away from us.

A lot like the classical definition of ‘maya’. “It’s an illusion.”

Meditation doesn’t seem like a luxury any more. Its a necessity.