Look honey I became a siddha

There is a reason why the siddhas (the great ones for those who don’t want the jargon) said that the best place for spiritual practice is the grahastya ashram. Literally- the household.


Because only the most advanced and intense form of yoga can be practised here. Where all fancy notions of spirituality, religion and ritual is consistently put through the shredder, till one, usually rather painfully, finally gets the drift.

The drift is actually a very simple effortless paradigm shift.

The shift from the realm of thinking to the realm of feeling. And the ability to feel instead of think is the practice.

A siddha can be defined as a person whose ability to experience has become so extreme that she or he is in deep states of consciousness most of the time.

Imagine that you are in a situation similar to this one-

In the Jaipur highway in a maruti 800 with faulty air-conditioning, in the heat of summer in the middle of the afternoon in a traffic jam, with kids complaining that you got the wrong flavour of ice-cream which is ruining the car upholstery anyway, and while your spouse tells you that the in-laws are arriving in the evening, your boss calls to  tell you that you are fired.

And what do you do?

You smile.

Because you are in a place so still and so slow and so calm you could feel a feather drop in excruciating detail.

And if that happens you can safely exclaim-

Look honey, I became a siddha!