New Age Economics


In the ‘Old Age’ the spiritual spectrum was simple.

It began with the charlatan and ended with the God-Man.

Now angel therapists, many different types of angels and many different types of therapists and combinations of the two, many different permutations of channeling, regression and channeled regression, at least a hundred different types of yoga, and let me not even get started on ‘healing’- are  all allowed in the New Age spectrum of ever increasing bandwidth.

One would imagine that the economics of this cosmic-sun rise industry would also see some profound innovations, but nope, it’s still just business  as usual, in the same old meat and potatoes kind of way.

Oh except for one little change. These professionals, who call themselves intuitives, or light workers  or energy planners or hip hop yoga acharyas  (I’m still trying to get over hip hop yoga) are coy about asking for money. They don’t ask for money. They ask for- energy exchange.

Since yours truly is also one of the strange creatures swimming in the New Age sea, I have had my share of angst regarding this. No, not hip hop yoga, energy exchange.

Now this is the standard drill on energy exchange.

  • If you don’t charge money the healing won’t work.
  • The ‘client’( well what else is she, since she does have to pay up), will not value your healing if it is free. Therefore if you don’t charge the healing will not work.
  • The professional, even if he’s a hip hop yoga acharya needs to make a living. If his needs are not met, how can the healing work?
  • In time you’ll figure this out for yourself. As if it’s a great wisdom learning. And in time if you still don’t charge its bad karma. And of course the healings won’t work.
  • It’s your ego that stops you from charging. That’s why if you don’t charge,(chorus), the healing will not work.


Well in the few years that I have been trying to use alternative practices to help people, my healings have worked,  I don’t charge, I still don’t know what hip hop yoga is, but there are a few other things I’m fairly certain of.


One, I believe an energy exchange is important for any healing practice to bear fruit. It’s a movement of energy between giver and receiver that must flow without resistance towards completion. But I do not for a moment believe that money is the only exchange possible. A simple heartfelt thank you sometimes  works better. I have received home cooked meals and books and simple text messages that have made me weep in gratitude for the opportunity to do what I did.

Two, the quality of the energy exchange depends on the temperament of the giver and the receiver. Needless to say the quality of healing is also directly proportional to this.

Energy exchange based on need is the barter of beggars, and the value of the healing proportional to the need of the two. That is why sometimes the huge price to a healing is usually a reflection of the dearth of any goodness in the situation.


But when an energy exchange is made based on gratitude, then it becomes an exchange not of need but abundance. Because gratitude is a manifestation of abundance. The shift of focus is simple but profound. Let the money flow in the economics of supply, not demand.

If money must be the only logistical option available, the hip hop yoga acharya really does need to make a living and also pay for his costs, let the money be an exchange of abundance and not need.

Take dakshina, but don’t charge a fee, don’t place a value to the giver’s need versus yours. Charging is demanding. You are insecure about your needs. Dakshina is receiving. It has grace and acceptance.

But sometimes, it’s really not about money.

There are teachers who always remind you that they don’t charge money, but keep up a relentless demand for respect and gratitude.

In my book, that too is the energy exchange of demand, of need.

I became even more convinced of this when I looked up the etymological roots of the word Dakshina.

It means ‘righted handed’, the path of the light, as opposed to vama, commonly generalized as tantric,‘left handed’ the path of the dark.

I remember a government employee in Ranchi who dispensed free homeopathic medicines in his small drawing room in the evenings after work. He kept a little donation box at the entrance, just in case… needless to say the teeming masses from neighboring villages sometimes would not even drop in a coin. Amongst the teeming masses was also my grandmother suffering from leukemia. He added years to her life, and my grandfather set up a trust fund for him that made the difference that made all the difference.

A giver by definition should not only have more than the receiver, but behave like a giver and not a receiver. That is the way of Dakshinachara, the right handed path, where dakshina or donation is the energy movement of bounty, of abundance.

So these are the thumb rules from my manual.

  • Keep a close watch on the intention of the giver.
  • A giver has to have more than the receiver.
  • A genuine giver usually practices some form of voluntary service or spiritual practice. It’s like gym practice for a trainer.


  • The early warning signs, of energy depletion, of the shift from the right to the left.
  • If the word ‘need’ keeps coming up too often- “need money”, “need a livelihood,” just go get a job. Make an honest living.
  • If you don’t charge money your enemies are even more dangerous because they are subtle. If you feel a modicum of hurt or resentment for not getting respect or acknowledgement just get off the ‘ healer’, ‘teacher’ mode very very fast. Go back to your spiritual practices. Fill up before you can even think you are capable of giving. Just because your services are free does not mean that people ‘need’ your unwieldy ego.


In any case practitioners of the subjective sciences who are not committed to some spiritual practice or path, who do not do seva or voluntary service of some sort, are cars running very low on fuel. They are just dabblers of the Occult, marketers of magic lollipops. The magic ends with the lollipop.


Dang, I forgot about the hip hop yoga acharya. By the way what is hip hop yoga?


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